How to Product Photography Sunglasses

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Tips for sunglasses product photography. How to shoot the reflective sunglasses in white background to meet Amazon requirement. Sunglasses is made from many different materials, which has tendency to reflect everything in front, so sunglasses photographers may face many challenges.

 · I recently got a pair of old sunglasses replaced because they broke. (Dont worry, this is a photography question) The old ones were brown. These new ones are black. I took some nice product photos of the old brown ones and they turned out quite nice. But these new one seem to have a mirror effect. This is my set up. (See inserted picture)

10 Ways to Shoot Stunning Portraits With Only One Light. by Cameron. The final product is very similar to a famous portrait of a rock star. I believe it was Slash, but I cannot verify that.. about, please post a link in comments! Anyway, the reflection of the umbrella creates an interesting image in the sunglasses, and the lighting makes.

360 Degree Photography Test: Sunglasses. A full-service photographer, George Ross specializes in wedding photography, product photography, website photography, sports and portrait photography.

Our final product is also our premium choice for the best sunglasses for skiing and comes in the form of the sophisticated but entirely unpretentious Vuarnet VL sunglasses. They have been designed with sturdy frames that have ear loops to keep them secure and non-polarized lenses, that provide zero-distortion and high levels of transparency.

Don’t settle for product images with light spots or reflections. With the proper lighting setup, you can easily take great photos of clear and colored glass, watches, sunglasses, metallic objects, and even jewelry.

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Tips for photograph sunglasses white back ground. 1. Clean carefully the dust as camera is capable to catch any tiny dust. 2. Use light box since t’s light source is the best for reflective sunglasses. 3. Set up white balance to get near white possible. 4. Shoot sunglasses with appropriate angle to minimize the reflection as much as possible. 5.

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Eyewear Photography is located in Fullerton, California. We provide high quality sunglasses product photography for eyewear Retailers, Amazon sellers at affordable price. Only $10 per photo.

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